Here’s some coverage of the Austin Police Department (APD) protest I attended Saturday. Please share this—to stop police brutality from happening, we need to hold these costumed criminals accountable.

West Point grad, veteran, Standford MBA, homeschooling advocate, and my friend, Antonio Buehler was arrested for recording police brutality on New Year’s Eve. He witnessed APD officers Oborski and Snider forcibly remove a young woman from the passenger seat of a car they pulled over for a DWI after she yelled to her friend not to submit to any sobriety tests. The officers subsequently assaulted her, zip-tying her hands and lifting her off the ground by her wrists—a maneuver which can easily dislocate the shoulders. Honoring his oath to protect and defend, Antonio took out a camera, photographed the officers, and yelled that they were using excessive force (which I think they referred to as ‘interference’). They assaulted, arrested, and charged Buehler with felony harassment of a public servant for allegedly spitting on the officers (a charge unsubstantiated by evidence). He currently faces a third degree felony and the police union has applied significant pressure on the court and refuses to release the dash cam as evidence on the grounds that it ‘interferes with their prosecution’ (likely because it vindicates Antonio).

Here is an actual recording of the incident (notice Anotonio’s arms are raised to indicate that he is not a threat). If you ever see something like this in progress, please record it:!

More coverage:

I’ll upload my pictures to Flickr and post them here soon!