LOL. I’d like to know where the information on this picture comes from.

How about not.

3,000,000 new private sector jobs

Where? I can’t find any evidence of this except on Obama’s campaign website.

Smaller government

Are you kidding me? The entire purpose of the left wing is to increase government’s size. This is evident with Obamacare, higher taxes, the unbelievable inflation of entitlement spending, etc etc etc.

$2T in deficit reduction

Just a lie. In fact the national debt has increased by $3T.

Health Care Reform

Yeah, unconstitutional health care reform. Congratulations on the mandate that forces all of us to buy into a government program twice— once with our tax dollars, and another for the package itself, whether or not we want it. Then, all of the provisions our health care MUST cover, including ultrasounds for men. This ends up mismanaging and wasting even more tax dollars, contributing to bankrupting the country. Congratulations on your health care reform.

Wall Street Reform

While I like this in principle, how could anyone sign a bill into law that fails to address the chief reasons for the Wall Street collapse, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? And then after he announces later that he wants to cut them, he still doesn’t make good on that promise.

Saved the US Auto Industry

After the one of the largest bail-outs in American history failed, and he went with a plan that conservatives had been pressuring him to do anyway. So he achieved the same thing a conservative would have, but wasted a ton of tax dollars to do it.

All “bailout money” returned, with interest

Also not true, but it’s in the works. As of now, there is still $225B outstanding.

Three new trade agreements

One of these trade agreements, the Trans-Atlantic Partnership, is going to significantly increase imports, which will ban “Buy American” provisions and lead to a huge sweep of layoffs. But don’t worry, another one of these agreements is a relief program for all those people losing their jobs to support them with taxpayer money. What were you saying, smaller government?

Repealed DADT

Good. I will give him this. This is good.

Killed Osama Bin Laden

No he didn’t. The soldiers on the ground killed him. He was working off of intelligence from Bush’s administration. All Obama did was say OK. Since then, he has taken every opportunity he can to brag and take all the credit for this.

But while we’re talking about assassinations, let’s talk about a couple of things Obama can take credit for: The murder of Anwar Al-Awlaki and his sixteen year old son without any form of due process.

Rescued American Hostages

The SEALs did this, not Obama. Don’t give him credit for military operations until he puts on a bullet-proof vest, picks up a gun, and goes into combat himself.

Toppled Gadhafi without an American casualty

Yeah, that’s cause we were all in planes dropping missiles on a country that had problems that weren’t any of our business. So after we involve ourselves in a problem overseas, uninvited, we blow up a couple hundred of their civilians, many of whom were children. This is the kind of man I want as my president.

Unified the world against Iran

How is this an accomplishment? Iran’s leader might be nuts, but they don’t pose a threat. There is no evidence they are working on developing nuclear weapons. All that Obama is doing here is trying to spark another war in the middle east. This is the same rhetoric we heard with Iraq and Afghanistan.

Has the Arab League watching Syria

Again, if this is our problem at all, it should be under the United Nations, but it’s not. Why are we the world police? Why do people support this?

No tax dollars on BP clean-up

This is the wrong phrasing. This is a non-issue, it shouldn’t have even been on the table. It’s a private company, and they’re supposed to clean up their own mistakes.

More deportations per year than Bush

Which is something he promised not to do.

Fewer regulations than Bush.

To argue this is to argue that Bush was a good president, which he wasn’t. And while it is true that Obama has passed fewer regulations than Bush, he hasn’t repealed any of Bush’s regulations, and expanded on them immensely.

Supports states’ rights on medical marijuana

Nope. Obama has shut down more medical marijuana dispensaries than any other president, and has openly said he will not make any steps towards legalizing marijuana.

Ended the war in Iraq

This was never a war to begin with, as it was never approved by Congress. He’s still allowing drone strikes on Iraq, I wonder why that is?

Reduced military spending by $500B

Nope. More lies.

Increased veterans’ benefits very[sic] year

Increased benefits at the cost of higher co-pays sounds exactly like something Obama would do— forcing veterans to pay for more health benefits.

Saved the world from global financial collapse

No evidence of this, sorry. The world economy is still hanging in the balance. I wonder if this would be different if we hadn’t inflated the fiat currency so much with a corrupt federal reserve? Or if we had a gold standard instead, to prevent such things from happening?

Hired more border patrol agents than Bush

Again something he said he wouldn’t do, but you can take credit for that.

and he quit smoking……………………………………………………

not my concern, but good job.

Overall, not very impressed.

I am not in.

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