John: Can you try to book a flight for tmrw night instead?
Me: No problemo! I'll check flights as soon as I get home from the airport.
John: Thank you!
Me: Any time, Proletariat. Booked and updated on your calendar.
John: Thanks!!!
Me: No problem c: And I checked you in. A3
John: You're the bomb!
Me: #ThingsPrestonDoesntSay (and I know c:)
John: lol
John: You're cool with picking g me up at airport right?
Me: Don't ask stupid questions.
John: Lol; see you there.
Me: Text me if there are any delays, etc
John: Will do.
Me: Danke
John: Torchy's when I land!!!
Me: I assumed that was understood!
John: lol