Better news: This is Doubledutch (or DD for short, Double D if you’re an EEnE fan like me), a pit bull mix puppy. Yep, they’re the same dog; before and after.

Doubledutch came from a neglect case where he was starving and left to die when he was 8-9 months old. He was terrified of people and everything around him. With some TLC and food, he is a MUCH happier, healthier dog! 

He is now 10 months old, but still looking for his happy ending! Although he’s gotten better, he is still scared of loud noises and the shelter overwhelms him. He LOVES other dogs and would greatly benefit from a confident, dog-friendly buddy. He is also very friendly with people. 

Doubledutch is small; about 40 lbs, and won’t be getting much bigger. He is housebroken and learning new commands every day. 

If you can give this little pibble a happy ending, c’mon down to Austin Animal Center and scoop him up. He’s still waiting for that special someone.

(Source: boyfrienddog, via bullysmiles)