We received an email yesterday from a woman whovideotaped a horrific dog attack in her neighbor’s yard. The man had left histhree dogs unattended in the yard and two of the dogs proceeded to attack theyoung pup that was there. This pup didn’t fight back, she just lay therescreaming. The woman also called 911 and animal control showed up to take thispup to emergency animal services. 

Thankfully when animal control did a follow up at this man’s house last night,he relinquished all rights to her. The shelter thought her prognosis was verypoor, the injuries are bad and the potential for life threatening infection toset in is pretty high. We picked her up this morning and took her right to ourvet so he could get started on cleaning her up. She will likely need multipledrains. We are attaching some pictures, the injuries to the chest area aredifficult to see but they are the most significant right now. Our vet will betaking pictures as he cleans her up under sedation so everyone will know thetrue extent of them.

This is yet another unexpected emergency and we could use your help! This girl deserves to have people who will fight for HER and care about what happens to her. This man clearly didn’t care what happened to his dogs while he wasn’t home. The other two are still left in the yard without adequate shelter, food,or water. We will be following up with animal cruelty on the remaining dogs.

No donation for Abi is too small $1, $5, $10, please consider helping thissweet, SWEET baby girl. You can donate here!


If you cannot donate, would you please consider spreading Abi’s story by reblogging this post? Your help is greatly appreciated and the more her story is shared, the higher probability we will be able to cover ALL her medical costs.

Oh god that video made me sick :( … Please help Abi, if we all throw in a dollar (or more) this could be covered in no time. Please reblog!

Oh my lord, that poor baby. Please help, if at all possible.

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    I absolutely CANNOT handle any form of animal abuse. At all. Please help if you can.
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